“I had no hesitation in wanting to work with Wesley. I approached him initially to ask if I could be one of his ‘guinea pigs’ as part of his coaching training. It felt like the right thing to do at the time and I have no regrets in asking.

During our time working together, my confidence in my own skills and abilities as a Hypnotherapist has grown. I left my 9-5 job to pursue my dream to be a Hypnotherapist full time. This was a massive leap of faith that I don’t think I could have done without coaching support.

Through working with Wesley, I have been able to gain more clarity and work out where my strengths are as well as what else I need to work on in order to move forward in my business and life.

Wesley demonstrates deep listening skills and asks the questions that have helped me to get new insights and understanding. Wesley is good at meeting me where I am at and then allowing me to find my own answers by asking powerful questions. 

Wesley is the only male coach I have ever had, and I did wonder at first if this would hinder our work together. This was not an issue at all though and in fact, I feel this aspect enhanced our work as it allowed me to connect and respond to a different perspective.

Wesley is a coach who will show dedication and encouragement in order to get the best out of his clients. I always come away from sessions feeling so empowered to keep going on the journey that I am on, because Wesley always reminds me of how far I have come and that I have the resources within me to remain on track to achieve my goals.

I would recommend Wesley to anyone who is deeply committed to forging a coaching relationship that will allow them to learn and grow as individuals for their life and business.

I really enjoyed being coached by Wesley! He is a very competent, knowledgeable coach who leads with compassion and has a genuine desire to see his clients grow and flourish”.

Sabrina Taylor,  ‘Hypnotherapist, Trainer & Consultant’ May 2021

 “I have found working with Wesley has helped with my development and had no hesitations in working with Wesley.

Since we have started working together, I have improved in decision-making, delegation, clarifying values, being clear about expectations of roles, and improved communication skills. 

I liked working with Wesley, because he took time to listen during each session, and he understood what I needed from coaching. I would recommend Wesley to anyone, including colleagues and friends  looking for a coach as I feel you will benefit from Wesley’s coaching”.

Nelini, Charity Manager, June 2021

“I had no hesitations working with Wesley apart from a possibly inevitable (with something new) wondering about how and if this would work as a process.

Since we started working together, I have felt less alone with ‘the stuff in my head’. I have ‘given a go’ to some of the things discussed. I no longer feel overwhelmed and indeed feel more energised. And managed to carry out what I intended.

What I liked best about working with Wesley is the informality and peer-support (rather than ‘professional’/has-all-the-answers) nature of it. There was no overt pressurising or expectation. I feel I have a truer picture, that feels workable-with, of what’s going on and my experience of it. I feel if I get stuck again, I have someone to turn to.

I would absolutely recommend Wesley. Particularly, I am sure there are other people out there who are generally competent, skilled, fulfilled in life, but may be ‘stuck’ or faced with a dilemma and wouldn’t usually think to ask for help – which is a shame.

The most important thing people should know about working with Wesley is how supportive and personable he is. With him the process can really help and is worth the time and attention”.

Deborah Glass Woodin, June 2021

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