Wesley Powley-Baker – Professional Life Coach and Mentor

There’s a voice urging you to take that leap, the plunge into the cold water. Once made, barriers fade, the exhilaration takes hold, confidence soars and endless possibilities emerge.

More Than Your Average Life Coach

I’m a coach and facilitator with a background in social work, leadership, and learning, and I am located in Oxford.

With a tailored approach to suit you, my coaching is  an opportunity to focus and work on issues such as life choices, professional matters, relationship goals, developing positivity, managing stress, building strength, and spirituality.

Supporting you to find solutions for yourself.

I offer coaching and facilitation for individuals, teams, groups, and organisations.

Get in Touch

Reach out so we can work together to make a positive change for you.

E-mail: wesleylifecoaching@gmail.com

Phone: 07788304566